Wednesday August 29, 2018

by colinscanvas

James 2:17-18

17 So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.

18 Now someone may argue, “Some people have faith; others have good deeds.” But I say, “How can you show me your faith if you don’t have good deeds? I will show you my faith by my good deeds.”

James is getting after it! This man didn’t have a Mr. Rogers nice guy mentality; He had a William Wallace warrior type mentality. He wants us to be better Christians and is challenging us through scripture in order to do that.

Have faith, believe, repent, and you are saved. This is kind of how I understood being a Christian from the start. It wasn’t until I went on a mission trip things began to change. I have been to the Dominican Republic and Kenya on separate missions trips. Both changed my life in different ways, but both lead me to a similar conclusion.

It isn’t what we say that matters, it’s what we do. For a long period in my life I was saying I had faith, posting scripture on social media, talking about it with my friends, none of which is bad. The thing is I was lacking what faith really is shown by. Good deeds.

Now this isn’t me saying if you stack up enough good deeds, God will like you more. James is saying that God, along with others, see your faith by your good deeds (what you do). Pretty simple. Galatians 5:6, “For when we place our faith in Christ Jesus, there is no benefit in being circumcised or being uncircumcised. What is important is faith expressing itself in love.” Lets not make this more complicated than it is.

“Love God. Love people. Do stuff.” This is Bob Goff’s mantra. If we can get these three down, life will be a blast.

How can I begin doing stuff?

How can I express my faith through action better?

Dear Lord, thank you for James and his wisdom. I pray we begin to show our faith to others by loving them better. Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman

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