Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I am so excited to start from the very beginning of the bible today! I have been going through these stories with my little kiddos and can’t wait to share stories and laughs with you all through this journey.

God created heavens and the earth. This chapter goes on further to explain all God made on earth. Animals, people, land, water, you name it, God made it. This is a pretty simple verse, but has some deeper meaning if we just look closely.

God created everything. What does this mean? Why does this matter? Well I think it changes how we look at things and how we treat certain things. I know when I hear God created everything I am a little more careful with what He has given me.

Jesus obviously hasn’t busted on the scene yet, but we can take away something from this into our relationship with Jesus. I believe Jesus wants us to look at everything from Gods point of view. When we do that I believe it can change everything. How we act, how we think, and how we live. We have to get rid of our tunnel vision and see the bigger picture of what God has created.

How can I see things from God’s point of view?

What is the bigger picture?

Dear Lord, thank you for this text. Help us use it to remind ourselves of the holiness in everything we interact with. We love you so much! Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman


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