Genesis 17:5

What’s more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram. Instead, you will be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations.

Abram means ‘high father’, while Abraham means ‘father of a multitude.’ We can look around the Bible and find many instances where peoples names were changed; Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel and Simon to Peter are a few. Why does God seem to continue to do this to people? I believe it’s to give them a new identity.

There was nothing wrong with their old names, but God wanted to give them a new one. A fresh start. A new mission. God is a God of change and of consistency. Weird right? He loves us right where we are, but loves us too much to keep us there. I know you’ve heard that before and you can’t hear it enough.

The coolest name change for me is when Jesus changes Simons name to Peter. Peter means rock and is referring to the church. It says in Matthew 16, “Peter is the rock on which Jesus would build His church.” Uhmmm, pretty sweet name change if you ask me! Such an honor and privilege to be called something new and into something new.

I can tell you something for sure. Jesus wants to give you a new name if He hasn’t already. You may have been called names or given an identity by others. Jesus wants to give you a fresh start and a new purpose. All you have to do is put your trust in Jesus.

If you have any questions about this process I would love to talk. My email is in the contact section of my website.

Dear Lord, I pray for anyone who needs a new name that they would come to you. I pray that instead of ugly that you Lord would call them beautifully made. We trust in you and thank you for all you do. Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman

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