Exodus 1:7

But their descendants had many children and grandchildren. In fact, they multiplied so quickly they soon filled the land.

The verses prior tell us that Joseph and his brothers died, ending that generation, but the family was able to continue on because of the descendants and their children. I think this can be looked at from the lens of our faith.

I was a finance major in college and like to think I am pretty good at multiplication. There are many definitions, but the one most easily understood is, to increase or cause to increase greatly in number or quantity. Makes sense. To multiply is to make more of something essentially.

When I look at my faith and the people I have impacted I ask, “Have I multiplied myself? Have I poured into people about Jesus and sent them off to tell others about Him?” For a lot of my walk with Jesus the answer is no. Recently I have realized the importance of this aspect of our faith.

Jesus had 12 disciples who followed Him, questioned Him, struggled with Him, but ultimately they are the reason we have our faith today! If they didn’t multiply themselves and tell others about Jesus. You and I wouldn’t know the greatest thing to ever happen! Go pour into people. Go spread this Good news of Jesus. Multiply.

Who can I start pouring into?

What else can I start to multiply?

Dear Lord, thank you for the disciples obedience. Without them we would be lost! Help us to spread Jesus name to our community. Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman

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