Exodus 10:4

If you refuse, watch out! For tomorrow I will bring a swarm of locusts on your country.

This is the tenth plague God places on Egypt and the Pharaoh. Apparently some people didn’t realize Gods power. He decides to, for lack of better words, “flex” on them. The Pharaoh was not obeying God and refused to release the Israelite slaves from his country. God is not someone to mess with and He is not afraid to humble us in our own special ways.

God uses His undeniable power for many different reasons. Sometimes He will use it to help us and other times He will use it to humble us. Either way, He knows what is best. The way I look at it is like a father disciplining His children. He does it because He loves us and is looking out for us. Otherwise, we would continue on being silly and hopeless.

I feel like there is a balance of fear and love in our relationship with God. We must fear Him in order to remain obedient. We also must know He loves us and will forgive us for our sins. Grace should not be used as a crutch for when we decide to fall, it should be used as a safety net for the few times we happen to fall.

God wants to best for us. If God didn’t use His power over us we would just be running around wild! *Some of us do that anyways, but you know what I mean. God uses His power to protect us. He uses it because He loves us. Once we see the meaning behind the madness in our life is when we will start to be at peace with it all.

Do I see God’s power in my life?

Am I more like the Pharaoh or Moses in Exodus?

Dear Lord, help us to see your power in our lives. You can do anything in us if we just believe. Help our hearts get to a place of unwavering faith. We love you SO much. Amen.

Have a great weekend!

C. Lyman



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