Matthew 2:13

10 After the wise men were gone, an angel of the Lord appeared the Joseph in a dream. “Get up and flee to Egypt with the child and his mother,” the angel said. “Stay there until I tell you to return, because Herod is going to try to kill the child.”

Man Jesus dodged some bullets here! King Herod who basically ran the world at this point in time wanted Jesus killed and would do ANYTHING to make it happen. He was jealous and fearful that Jesus would eventually prevail and become King. Uhh, his hunch was right.

I look back at the tough moments in my life often to give me perspective. I look back at moments when people laughed at me for saying I was going to play baseball in college. I look at moments where I was told I wasn’t good enough. Gods plan always prevails. Myself and others can make choices to try and alter Gods plan for us, but I believe He protects us and guides us right where we need to be.

King Herod tried to end the plan of ALL plans. Jesus. Imagine if King Herod got to Jesus, that would’ve thrown a wrench in the story. My life definitely wouldn’t be the same. I want to encourage you that wherever you’re at remember that God is working. God is beside you no matter how dark life may seem.

Jesus was able to fulfill His destiny despite others. God had His back. God has YOUR back. I know that for a fact. He doesn’t just have your back if you’re close with Him. All Jesus wants is a relationship with you. He wants to know you and help you. This man avoided death early to show us how to love others and then died for all of eternity’s sins. WHAT? That’s someone I can get behind. Someone who puts others before himself. Someone who loves when it’s not easy. Someone like Jesus.

Do I trust Gods plan will prevail?

Why is Jesus worth trusting?

How can I show others Jesus is worth it?

Dear Lord, thank you for your presence in our life. Thank you for fighting for our lives. May we begin to make your sacrifice worth it. Amen.

Have a great week!

C. Lyman

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