Who put Jesus on the cross?

Over 2000 years ago there was a young boy whose father was a carpenter. They lived just outside of Jerusalem. The young boy didn’t go to school, but rather learned from his father on how to craft wood. The father taught his boy how to be a man and how to make a living. The young boy wanted to be just like his dad. He woke up with excitement at another day to learn.

They built many different things throughout their life together as carpenters. Chairs, tables, and other unique household fixtures. The boy began to grow up and start building new things of his own. They had a deal where the boy was able to be the main source for the Roman empire. The empire would have him build specialty items for their people who were in power during the time.

It was a normal walk home after he had brought his shipment to the Romans. In the corner of his eye, the boy noticed three men walking with crosses. He often made crosses for the Romans, as they would use them to kill people who resisted their rule. The boy would always sign his name on the very bottom of his work to keep it out of unnoticeable.

As the boy looked away, something told him to take a second glance. He looked a little closer and saw it was the man of miracles, Jesus, carrying the cross along with two others. He took a closer look to see if he knew the other men, he didn’t. Now he was intrigued. With a final glance he fixed his eyes on the wooden cross. This time he saw something. It was his name. It hit him like a ton of bricks. He had built the crosses the men where carrying up the hill.

Sometimes people forget, we are the reason Jesus had to die. You and me! We are the reason He suffered so much. Jesus knew our names were on the cross. Every single one of us built the cross He died on. Jesus wasn’t worried because Jesus loved us more than that. He loved us more than our mistakes, our setbacks, our failures, our past, and even our present. Jesus loved us because He knew who we could become through Him.

Jesus knew the only way to save us all was to die. So that is exactly what he did. My hope today is we would see that He didn’t just die for people who do believe or don’t believe, but that He died for everyone. All of our names are signed on the cross. His blood washed over all of our names. Today was a day of sacrifice for all of eternity.

Let us be challenged by this and allow it to change our lives and the lives of those around us. Jesus wants to know you more. He wants to be closer to you. Today He showed us this truth. Lets begin to share this with others.

Dear Lord, Good morning and Good Friday! Thank you for today as it is a reminder of the greatest display of love and sacrifice the world has ever seen. May we cherish this day and invite people into the hope you have given us. Amen.

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