When do you pray?

Acts 8:15

When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit

I used to be so afraid to pray. If I was ever asked in a setting to pray I would quickly defer. I would get so nervous I could barely speak. I didn’t want to pray because I didn’t have the confidence. I didn’t have the confidence because I didn’t do it on my own time. Once I began to pray and talk with God at home was when I really found my confidence in Jesus. Even though I have confidence to pray, I don’t necessarily pray when I should.

When do you pray? How do you pray? I think these are important questions to ask ourself. If we look at the text, we see Peter and John were sent to Samaria in verse 14. What is the first thing they do when they get there? They pray!

I wonder how our lives would change if we prayed before we acted. I know before every baseball game at Louisville we would pray this simple yet profound prayer…

“Lord please clear my head of all distractions and my heart of burdens I may bear. So I may perform my very best, knowing you’ll always be there. Please lift me up before the moment so through your eyes I may see, and have a clearer understanding as the game unfolds before me. With great courage I will meet this challenge as you would have me to, But keep me humble and remind me that my strength comes from knowing you. And when all eyes are upon me at the end of this game, I will turn their eyes to You oh Lord, and the Glory of your Name. Amen.”

This prayer helped ease and equip us for what was ahead. It became a routine everyone would take part in. Do we bring this to our daily lives is the question. Do we pray before our work days? Do we pray before our meetings? Do we pray when a big moment is ahead of us? If I am being honest, I too often rely on my own strength. I revert back to my own practices when times get tough or when something important is about to happen.

I have seen prayer change my life and the lives of those around me. Jesus calls us to pray for all people (1 Timothy 2:1) My hope and prayer right now is that we would begin our days with prayer, fill our days with prayer, and end our days in prayer. It doesn’t need to be anything long or crazy, but just reminding God that we know He is in control can do wonders.

I would love to hear how prayer has changed your life. Comment below so others can be encouraged! Thank you for your time.

Dear Lord, maybe I should start my blogs out in prayer! Thank you for giving us the perfect example of prayer through your disciples. I pray for those reading this that they feel a call to pray and talk with you before they head into battle! We love you and thank you for everything you have given us. Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman


  1. I was the same as you at one point; lack of confidence to pray in a public setting. I used to be so afraid someone would call on me to pray. Now it’s so natural. I actually love it and offer to pray. Like you said, the more time we spend in prayer alone with God and in God’s word and presence the more confident we will become in group praying. Transformed!

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  2. Funny and true story: When my youngest was in kindergarten, I was driving him to school one day and he suddenly said, “Oh, no! I have a spelling test today!” I asked him if he had studied, knowing that I had not called out his words to him. He told me no, that he had forgotten. Then he started praying in the back seat. He told me that it was all okay because “I prayed, and God knows his ABCs and 123’s.” I tried to hold back my chuckles as I explained to him that God expects us to put in our part of the effort. He wasn’t convinced that his prayer didn’t work though because he got an A on that test!

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