Is John Crist a Chick-fil-a Strips or Nuggets fan?

Dear Lord, let everything we do start in prayer. Let it be the foundation and groundwork we lay to serve You. Today I ask you give us a fresh perspective and a new lens in which we can see Your love. Thank you for giving us new life every day. Amen.

Acts 15:8-9

God, who knows the heart, showed that he accepted them by giving the Holy Spirit to them, just as he did to us. He did not discriminate between us and them, for he purified their hearts by faith.

The fact that God knows our heart should make us continue to ask ourselves, “Why?” Why am I posting this photo? Why am I making this tweet? Why am I making this status on facebook? Why am I texting this person? Why? Why? Why…

I find myself constantly asking myself why and I think it is important in order to keep our hearts pure. A pure heart has the ability to change lives and in itself is a changed life. John Crist, a Christian comedian, jokes often by saying, “Check your heart,” when people do something questionable. Now John is a HUGE Chick-fil-a fan and an even bigger fan of strips. He jokes with people saying, “If you like nuggets more than chicken strips, CHECK YOUR HEART.” All in good fun, but I think he is onto something…

Matthew 6:21 tells us, “For where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also.” If we aren’t careful, we can find our heart caught up in likes, favorites, and ultimately what others think of us. Trust me I have been there. I would genuinely get upset at times when I didn’t get as many likes on a recent post, as the post before. I would question myself and think there was something wrong with me. WHAT THE HECK. Looking back it’s crazy to think about, but it is the truth our world lives in.

If you haven’t realized it yet, we live in the most digitally advanced age in the history of the world. This has many benefits, but also comes with its downfalls. Our treasure can so easily become our online presence. Do I have a lot of followers? Are people watching my story? I know I am focusing a lot on Social Media, but it is such a relevant topic, whether it is you or your kids. It is important to “checks your heart” and control your thoughts. Realize how much time you are spending on these platforms.

The platforms aren’t addicting on accident. There are people whose jobs are to make these apps as appealing as possible. If we aren’t careful we can fall into the trap. Now don’t think I am ANTI-social media. I love Instagram, twitter, facebook, as much as the next person. I am just speaking from experience that if you don’t look at your heart, your identity will eventually be in your followers instead of WHO you’re following.

God ultimately wants Jesus to be our treasure. He wants our hearts to rest in Jesus and His love. I always tell myself, Jesus didn’t live a perfect life, die on the cross, and rise from the dead for me to sit on my phone all day and be a bum. He did all of this for us so that we could GO out and spread His story. Don’t waste you days on things that will wither away. Spend your days on things that matter. You won’t regret it for a second.

In order to improve my writing and my site I need your help! Please comment with suggestions and thoughts. Thank you guys for being faithful and encouraging!

Have a great day!

C. Lyman

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