What did you major in, bro?

Dear Lord, thank you for always watching over us. Thank you for sending Your son Jesus to die for us. We love you and praise you. Amen.

Romans 5:6

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.

Man, I love the beginning of this verse. “… at just the right time…” I would love to share the story of how I became a children’s pastor.

People I meet often ask me, “Where did you go to school, man?” “What did you major in, bro?” “What do you do now, dude?” Right when the first question comes, I know people are going to be confused by the time I get to the end. So just to clear things up…

I majored in Finance during my time at the University of Louisville. After I graduated I knew God wanted me to stay in Louisville, I just knew. I got a job at Chick-fil-a to pay the bills and give myself some time to figure my life out. After a few months I knew it was time to get a new job. I was very eager and the search was not easy.

Most people say it takes about 3 months to find a job, but it took me almost a year. During this time I was getting upset. I was ready to start my future. I wanted to start making some money! I felt like I was ready, but God had other plans. Better plans.

I started searching the financial industry for a job and more specifically becoming a financial advisor. My uncles all do it and they seem very well off. I interviewed with Morgan Stanley, Northwestern Mutual, Westpoint Financial, and a few other companies in the area. I landed with two offers from Westpoint Financial and NW Mutual. I heavily favored Westpoint Financial and was about 2 days away from accepting the offer, when a man named Tyler texted me.

He is the lead pastor at my church now, but honestly I didn’t even know what he did for work. I just knew he worked at a church. When he texted me all he said was, “Hey, are you free for coffee this week?” I said yes and we found a time to meet.

Like I said, about two days before I was planning on accepting the offer we met for coffee. We sat down at Starbucks and the first words he said were, “Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush, we are looking for a childrens pastor and I think you would be a good fit.” Uhm what? I hadn’t thought a ton about becoming a pastor. I studied finance in college. I am days away from accepting a job where I can make A LOT of money. I thought I was all set and ready to launch. Now this…

I prayed, interviewed, and accepted the job within a week.

God opened a door I never expected to be opened. Ministry. The timing of it was the craziest thing to me. If it would have been 2 days later, I would have already started my job as an advisor. My life would be drastically different. Two days.

I get emotional even thinking about it because it reminds me how God is ALWAYS working on our behalf. He is never late, he is never early, but man… he is always on time. God is working in your life right now. Not where you want to be? He is molding you for a special moment! Don’t have the job you want? God is trying to teach you something and prepare you for something great! God doesn’t just waste time, He is a strategic and intentional God.

He wants you to see that. He wants you to see that where you are right now may not be where you want to be, but it is exactly where God wants you to be. I promise that God has huge plans in store for your life. If you can maximize the opportunities He has given you today, God will really be able to do His thang.

My final encouragement and challenge is to look and see “What is God trying to teach me right now?” Find the answer and rest in that peace, knowing that God is on your side.

Thank you for the comments and encouragement! Let me know what you think of my new logo by my friend Sydney!

Feel free to share, like, and comment this post. I appreciate you all and pray for you constantly.

Have a great day!

C. Lyman


  1. I was gifted since birth; I have what you would call an hyperthymic autobiographical memory. I have an 185 IQ, 65 yrs old. I am disciplined in the all 7 major religions their doctrines where they came from. History timelines going back to around 6000 BC. I know a little conform script. The ancient pictographs of the Hebrew that go back to 2500BC.
    I am disciplined in the major sciences;
    1. Quantum fields and states
    2. Theories of Relativity concerning Time and Space.
    3. Thermodynamics of Heat and Cold fields and 3 Quantum states.
    4. Psychology of human nature
    5. Forensic analysis of words/ idiomatic expressions.
    6. Gravity fields
    7. Magnetic fields.
    I understand the idiomatic expression in the KJV that drift between Jewish Mysticism and Roman Mysticism. The New Testament is laced with Roman mysticism. I teach worldwide and will tell my followers to stay out of the Old Testament. I tell them to go and sit in the first 34 sentences of Gen. this is chapter 1 and chapter 2. It is not talking about the physical earth and heaven never was. It is talking about three absolutes
    1. Absolute Time
    2. Reality that is tied to Absolute time
    3. Male and female that are tied to both.
    I don’t believe in hope and faith that leaves room for error in a person their imaginations run wild. I do not like the odds. We are born with a brain and we only use 15 percent of our brains. I never liked those odds. The Christian religion I grew into is a death sentence.
    They only teach what they want you to know. The six majors’ religions in the world each carry their own death sentence. Three religions came out of ancient Mesopotamia the other 4 came out of the Indus river valley. From the head of one came 3 rivers that are known and the second one is the spirit of Time /life and eternity. Reality the difference between three quantum’s fields. I hope that answers your question. I do not need prayer you do.


  2. Ron- It seems as though God is working on you bro. With all of your “supposed” intellectual wisdom, you might stop preaching/talking and just listen sometimes. God is great and loves you too. I’m a simple-stupid kind of guy but wise enough to be a very good listener and believer.

    Thanks Colin…keep up the great work. Ron’s probably just another angry Cubs fan ✌️


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