I was really hoping to NOT have to Uber home from the airport last night, but it was pretty late. Apparently I have some really mature friends who get to bed before 11:00pm. Either that or they were ignoring me.. I don’t blame them! Anyways, I called the Uber and got into the car with a man named, Elmoktar.

Elmoktar was very hospitable and loving from the gate. We began having a conversation and by that I mean he started talking to me; I was very tired. He kept saying, “Give thanks to God! Give thanks to God! For everything you have!” I kept saying, “Heck yeah dude. Heck yeah. I totally agree.”

He was legitimately repeating himself over and over, clearly passionate about the topic of thankfulness. Suddenly he began to add on to his words. Elmoktar said, “When we give thanks to God, He will give to us. All we have to do is thank Him and He will bless us.”

My heart sank a little bit. I thought to myself, “No… No.. No.. we can’t be talking about the same God.” It was a short ride so I didn’t really get to chime in on the conversation. I found out Elmoktar was Muslim and genuinely loves living in Louisville. He is very knowledgeable about his religion and overwhelmingly devout.

I definitely think we are called to be thankful, but the reason I am thankful is different than Elmoktar. Elmoktar is thankful because God gives. I am thankful because God gave. Please don’t get me wrong, I love Elmoktar. I respect him and I genuinely admire his passion for God. I just think we believe in different Gods.

The God I believe in does not give to us because we thank him. God does not give to us because we are good either. God just gives. He loves without an agenda and gives recklessly. For crying out loud, God gave us His one AND ONLY Son, Jesus, to die for us. We didn’t deserve this! We continue to mess up and will never be perfect, but God loves us anyways.

How can you show undeserving love to someone?

What are you thankful for?

Why are you thankful?

Dear Lord, thank you for who you are. Thank you for being a consistent light and influence in our lives. We love you and praise you. Amen.

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  1. Thank GOD all your friends were put to sleep? Sounds like GOD arranged for you to have an evening with Elmoktar. There will probably be more revelation to come from all that Thankfulness!
    How can you show undeserving love to someone?
    What am I thankful for? Too much to list. Everything. I may come across a little “Elmoktar-nacious” if I even tried to make a list! 😎

    Why are you thankful? Because All things really do work together for Good!💜
    “Because I really enjoy stopping by and reading your posts! I always hear something Good!
    God Bless

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