It was a normal day just like any other and I see my phone light up, a call from my dad. Excited, I jump up and answer, “Hey Dad! How’s it going?” He said, “It’s going okay! Are you alone? Are you busy?” “No dad, what’s up? Is everything okay?” I said.

My dad then responded with words I thought I would never hear. “Colin, I have cancer.” I went silent as I listened to the strongest man I know tell me about the results a CT scan revealed on his kidney. Disbelief. Shock. Choked up and struggling to find the words to say, I prayed what was the scariest and toughest prayer of my life.

I hung up the phone and sat on my bed, weeping. I’ve never cried like this before. My hero, my rock, my biggest fan… cancer. It’s incredible what news like this will do to you. At first it was anger, confusion, and sadness, but I knew I needed to be strong for my dad. I knew I needed to do something.

After the news settled in, we were able to get some time together. It’s amazing how conversations change and mindsets shift when you have a sense of urgency. I cherished our time more than ever the past few weeks. Watching football, playing games, and eating food together. Simple things, but profound and divine moments that are powerful if we make them.

With these tough times comes a decision. Am I going to run away from Jesus or run to Jesus? If I am being honest, my first instinct was to run away, to hide, and to try and figure this out myself. After a few days, I knew I needed to draw near to Jesus and ask for His help in this.

Our verses today remind us to rejoice always. In the big moments and the small moments. Good news and bad news. We are allowed to be sad, but we cannot allow this news to define us. My dad is better at this than I am.

We are reminded to pray continually. I have talked more with Jesus since my dad called that day than ever. During moments where life doesn’t make sense, pray.

And lastly, give thanks in all circumstances. I am inspired by my dad. You can imagine the thoughts that rush in when you hear something like this. You can imagine how some might just throw in the towel. Like When storms come you have a choice, you can either run towards it or run away from it. My dad chose to run towards it.

Working out, leading at work, and going to church weekly are a few steps he has taken to try and help his body, mind, and spirit for this journey. It won’t be easy, but I know that God has His hand in this situation. I know God will protect my dad and continue to let all things work together for His glory and our good. I know that my dad is going to win this fight.

Circumstances don’t define us, it’s how we respond that defines us.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us your Spirit as a gift as we go throughout life on this earth. Thank you for giving me an amazing father who has touched every life he has come into contact with. I pray you protect him and give him peace as he continues to fight. Thank you for your son Jesus. Amen.

Have a great day!

C. Ly


  1. I am so sorry, Colin. Your father sounds like a wonderful, loving Dad, an amazing person. Praying all involved are embraced in God’s love, grace and peace in this new chapter.


  2. Your blog reminds me of the very thing I went through when I found out I had breast cancer this past summer. Was I going to run to the Lord or away from Him? Where else could I go for He alone has the words of life. John 6:68
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I prayed the prayer with you. The Lord is good and can always be trusted. As you said He is working things out for our good and His glory.
    Blessings on you and you dad ♥️

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  3. That’s beautiful Colin we will certainly be praying for your father and your whole family he is a great man!

    There are prayer warriors out here, we are quite a large team! Keep doing your wonderful inspirational work

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  4. Hi Colin. Such beautiful and loving words. Kevin and I just head the news! I am sorry to hear of your struggles and praying that is behind you all now and that better days are ahead! Tell your mom and dad we are thinking about them, and all of you, and we are praying for good news from the doctor. The Lord has his arms wrapped around all of you.

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