university of louisville kicker / cis major / guitar player

We are called to live for and worship the creator, not the created.

This man uses his feet for two very important areas of his life. Kicking a football and walking with Jesus. As silly as the comparison is, it’s true. Blanton is an outstanding man who has impacted many people through his sport and his love for others. He always has a smile on his face and it seems like this guy has it all together. For the most part he does, but he has had a few setbacks on his journey through life.

Blanton came to know Jesus at a young age and has always had a solid relationship with him. His freshman year of college is when he was first really tested. An injury put him out for the spring, which set him back big time. All his hard work prior felt as if it was lost. He was battling hard as thoughts crept into his head. What stuck with him through this was to never take what he had for granted and reminds him to work hard every day because you never know when it will end

His hard work paid off in 2017 against Florida State. He kicked a field goal before halftime to take the lead and missed it wide right. He hadn’t missed a kick all season and this was their 8th game. As fate generally does, Blanton was given a chance to win the game in the 4th. He remembers his heart pounding faster than it ever has. Knees weak palms are sweaty. Anyways, the snap, the hold, the kick, and U of L’s Blanton Creque wins the game!

I know Blanton felt his comfort come from Jesus in that moment. He says, “The most comforting thing is knowing that God’s love for us is unconditional. Of course, He wants us to be successful and do our best in whatever we are doing, but his love is freely given and everlasting. I lived my life for a long time trying to earn God’s favor, but there is true joy and peace in knowing that there is nothing that I can do to make him love me any more or less. He loves me because I am His, and He loves you because you are His.”

Outside of his sport and Jesus, Blanton loves spending time with family and especially his girlfriend. They have been together for six years and one of his favorite things about her is that she loves Jesus. He also enjoys golf, guitar, and video games.

Every time I see Blanton he is in a good mood. He shines the light of Jesus through his attitude and effort both on and off the field. It is easy to get caught up in success and failure while playing a sport. The competitive juices start to flow and you almost lose yourself in the moment. Blanton is so impressive in that he is always focused on the big picture. I look up to him in many ways. His passion for what he does, how he treats others, and how he hungers for Jesus. I know when people look at Blanton they don’t see a kicker, but rather they see Jesus.

Dear Lord, thank you for Blanton and his faithfulness to you. I pray he continues to grow closer to you. I pray you watch over him as he transitions between college and the real world. Lord thank you for his friendship. Amen.