social media influencer /  content creator / professional photographer

“Don’t wait for the perfect sign. If you have a dream, idea, or calling, just go for it.”

65,000 is a pretty neat number. When you look at Nathans Instagram this is something that will stick out. It’s the amount of followers he has. His Instagram comes with pictures of the most beautiful sites across the globe. “Nathan Traveler”, which is the name I have for him in my phone, came to mind because he is most definitely famous, but not too famous to text back a friend during a busy week.

This is the kind of person Nathan is. He is genuine, outgoing, and truly unique in his visions and goals. He is a social media influencer, content creator, and professional photographer who uses what he does to inspire others. He visits the most spectacular sights our world has to offer and shares his experiences on his different social media platforms. You won’t regret following him.

Nathan credits his love for traveling and the outdoors to his family. He says, “(they) taught me the importance of being in the outdoors and traveling outside of my comfort zone…” Being out of his comfort zone is not just talk for Nathan. On his journeys to various mountain sites, he has had several bear encounters. Yes, freaking bears! “Chubby bears love food, and if you leave your food out or cook food with high wind, it carries scent. Just don’t do that…” says Nathan. I’m grateful to be able to call him a friend still!

Not only does Nathan travel around the world with friends, but he travels around the world with Jesus. He tells us, “I think the outdoors and travel can be one of the few opportunities where people truly experience Jesus, even if they are the farthest from belief. It’s almost undeniable that a higher power had to create some of the places you experience…” I know for me when I see a sunrise over a mountain; I can’t help but think there is something greater than myself out there.

“My goal is to never let my profession or passion pass Jesus. He has given me EVERYTHING, and no matter how successful or “famous” I get on social media, I will never let that get to my head.” says Nathan.

Looking at pictures of Nathan feeding flamingos with his wife in Aruba, it looks like he has life figured out. In many ways he does, but Nathan has had many struggles in his life like most of us. After college a series of events left him feeling lost and alone. He knew Jesus was the only way out of the situation. So he drew near to Him. Recently his favorite bible verse has been Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” We need to start saying, I’m not going to see to believe, but believe in order to see.

Nathan experiences this faith in real ways. He believes before he sees. And it is his favorite part of what he does. “When you plan for months to see a certain moment–sunrise at a certain spot, etc.–and everything works perfectly. You get there, the conditions are perfect, and all the shots are magic. Then you sit back, have some coffee, grab some breakfast, and talk about that moment with your best buds. That’s what it’s all about; the simple moments.”

We can learn a lot from Nathan. How to be fearless and bold in following your dreams. How to go after what you want without hesitation. But most of all how to use our platform to glorify Jesus. It is easy to get caught up in having tens of thousands of followers and being invited and sponsored to travel different places every weekend. But Nathan just keeps his head down and continues to pursue everything God has for him.

I finished by asking Nathan how we could pray for him, “Pray that I am continuously keeping God as the center of my work, business, ventures, and most importantly my marriage and my relationships with friends and family.”

Thank you Nathan, for your wisdom and encouragement. Best wishes.